Birth and Training Edit

Formally CM-8989F Ruby, she was part of an experimental 81st batch. The batch was contaminated, and all but her were destroyed due to a mix-up with midichlorian experiments. She was taken out of her accelerated aging process early due to unknown reasons. During basic training on Kamino, she was put with clones newer than her due to the aging. Her squad ended up failing the citadel challenge, but due to her skills and the fact that she had top marks in every category, she was allowed to be assigned to the 802nd Clone Battalion.

Member of the 802nd Edit

She was granted the rank of Lieutenant immediately before a battle. Later on, after a command restructure, she was promoted to the rank of Major. It was shortly before this promotion when she commenced intimate relations with the then-Jedi Padawan Artax. When Padawan Artax, often called "Arty" by Ruby, was granted the rank of Jedi Knight, he discovered that Ruby had a affinity for the force, likely due to the midichlorian experiments. Artax presented Ruby with a purple-bladed lightsaber and started informal training of her.

Jedi Edit

After Knight Artax was granted the rank of Jedi Master, he took Ruby on as his padawan. He plans to one day take her to the planet of Illum to let her find her own crystal.