Rev is a member of Batch 30. unlike most clones he hides part of his face with a large-brimmed hat connected to a visor wich protects his face. He has a fondness for fancy liquor and likes to collect ancient weapons as a hobby.

Before entering the 802nd legion, rev was a bounty hunter specializing in catching/killing jedis. His unique techniques and esoteric ideals caught the eyes of the legion.

It is quite known that due to the purpose of Batch 30, many of the clones went rogue and while most became bounty hunters, quite a couple took more honest jobs such as weapon collectors or trainers.

Rev is an extremely accomplished marksman with his revolving blasters and the rest of his equipment only makes him more dangerous.


  • 2 revolving blasters (wich are often double-wielded)
  • a deck clearing blaster
  • an electrical net launcher attached to his arm
  • reinforced visor and hat
  • reinforced, armoured poncho
  • alcohol of some kind